Schülertexte "A day in the year 2068"

On December 6th, 2068, I get up because of the vibration of my thumb, which has a tiny card on it. While turning on the news with a clap, I walk to my mirror. I love this device, which is giving me advice on how to dress and put makeup on. Even though I'm 65, I'm looking pretty well. That's because of the method, supported by the government, to stretch your skin with a recently developed method based on natural ingredients. But using this method is expensive. Fortunately, I am able to afford it because of my incredibly huge success when I invented these tiny ringers. Being wealthy is the precondition of living in nowadays society. Therefore, twenty years ago, I spent all my money and efforts on starting up my company. And it works. It was an overnight sensation. And of course, the new technology has made life easier. Many seized the chance and invented something like me. Others didn't. There is a social divide in our society. Anyway...
After dressing up, I walk to my balcony, receiving my food order from a drone. After this, I call Monica, my friend, asking if she wants to join me. She comes and we talk about trivialities. For example the weather. It's pleasant. So we decide to go to the artificial beach. While we are transported through the city in suspended seats, we see a new skyscraper being built. Every balcony has a little garden. This measure was awarded by the government. We arrive at the beach and some robots keep our seats under surveillance because they are really expensive. After a while, I see my nephew Maluni.
''Hey Maluni. How's school?''
''Pretty well, the new cyborg teacher is the best teacher I've ever had.''
We talk a bit and then Monica and I return to my flat. But she's not feeling well. ''What's the matter?'', I ask her. And then I know it. ''Do you need a battery change?''

Natalia Nest, OS11


On December 6th, 2068, I wake up because Bobby my service robot wakes me up. I really should tell him another time, 8 o`clock is really early… Oh, what`s that on my breakfast tray? How sweet, he thought of Santa Clause Day and put a little chocolate on it. How much I love him, it`s funny I couldn`t imagine life without him anymore – even though what has changed over the last 50 years is so blatant. Back then, smartphones were a sensation - but now? Now everyone has their own robot to accompany them. Even when I`m asleep, he`s next to me, watching. At 7 o`clock he starts with the household and prepares my breakfast and my clothes. Then he wakes me up and brings me breakfast to bed. Every day is strictly regulated, you have to keep to the typical German clichés. Yes, I don`t think that ever changes, but a lot of other things do. For example, it`s much warmer now than it was then. In our winters it might rain, if we`re lucky. But white Christmas? Haven`t had it in almost 40 years. Now you can swim in the Baltic Sea all summer without freezing to death. I digress, life has become so entertaining, nobody is interested in climate change. Except when one can get excited about the weather, again typically German. So let`s get on with my everyday life. Since the retirement age was lowered, I already retired at 50. Most of the work is done by robots anyway. Even the housework is done by Bobby and Carla. God, I forgot to mention that. She`s my husband`s personal robot and helps him with is research, because he`s the greatest scientist in modern technology. Our flying TV for example. All you have to do is push a button an he`ll come to you. Even in the bathroom, very pleasant, if you want to in the bathtub watching the news. But enough advertising done now. Since I have a lot of free time, I often take care of my grandchildren and they`re coming. Ah thanks Bobby, for bringing me my clothes. Now I really have to hurry.

So, dear people from the year 2018, now you know what life in 2068 looks like. You`re probably wondering how I know this now. Well, I actually live in the year 2068 and if you are holding this letter in your hands, you know that my husband made a breakthrough: Congratulations, you`re holding the first teleport letter into the past in your hands. And new ones will follow soon. I promise. Greetings from the year 2068.

Selina Horn, OS11

On December 6th, 2068, I get up and look out of the window. The grass in the garden is still green and some leaves are falling to the ground. Though inside of my house everything is decorated for Christmas, the outside doesn’t look like a winter-wonderland. First, I take a shower and get scanned, my ritual morning routine to prevent getting illnesses. My medical check informs me that I have few signs of a cold, so I should rather put on warm clothes. After I’ve finished in the bathroom, I come into the kitchen, where my new robot already made me a protein-rich breakfast, containing cockroaches and other insects I probably don’t want to know. Also he made me some lunch for work, which I take with me and leave the house. It cooled in the night but it’s now 20°C again. The streets are full of people but still very clean since robots are used to do all the work humans don’t want to do. My electric car stands at the end of the street so I’m driving it to me via an app on my smartphone. While my car drives me to my office, I check the news to see that political debates have intensified, society is more and more split. Overpopulation has come to the point that we don’t have enough food to feed everyone. Also robots have taken the jobs of many. Only the ones with a good education get a job nowadays. People are demonstrating for their rights, but when will it come all to an end? The car stops so I step out of it and head out to work in a high-tech office, where I also work with robots and artificial intelligence. After work I’m going to the grocery store to get food for the next week. Shopping isn’t the same anymore. We haven´t used cash for ten years, instead we’re buying things with the chips under the skin of our hands. Things have changed, but maybe not everything in a good way.

Sophia Czerwinski, OS 11